How to Use Vaporub for Toenail Fungus and Why It is Effective

Using VapoRub is quite common especially for people who have colds and body pains. It helps soothe the pain and create a refreshing feeling. Apart from these health issues, it is also possible to use a VapoRub to cure toenail fungus infection. It might seem weird, but it could word.

Although there are over-the-counter medicines available to cure toenail fungus, the problem is that they are not necessarily effective. They are also effective, and they could lead to potential side effects. A VapoRub, on the other hand, could is mild and it does not contain ingredients that are harmful.

Thymol is one of the ingredients present in a VapoRub. It is considered effective in limiting the growth of dermatophytes which is a potential cause of a nail fungus infection. Even studies conducted on animals showed that thymol is effective in destroying a nail fungus. It could kill Candida too, another possible cause of nail fungus. It does so by destroying the cell membrane.


When you have a fungal infection and you want to try a VapoRub, it is easy finding one. You could even head to a local pharmacy or supermarket right now, and you will find a VapoRub.

It is also affordable and could last long. You do not even need to do apply a huge amount to treat the infection anyway.

Using the VapoRub

If you want to know how to use vaporub for toenail fungus, you will not find the instructions at the back of the package. It is due to the different possible medical applications of the Vaporub.

Start by trimming the toenail affected by the fungus. After trimming, cleanse your clippers in a hot soapy water and rinse them with alcohol before storage.

Apply a small amount of the VapoRub directly into the affected area. Let it stay there for a while before rinsing.


Once you finish applying the VapoRub, you need to wash your feet. Soak them in water for a while before rinsing.

After taking your feet out of the water, you need to dry them with towels before you put on your socks and shoes. Fungi usually grow in moist and dark area, and if you let your feet stay wet before covering them, it is possible to experience another infection.

It might take a while before you could see the results. You may use a stick or a cotton swab to reach the edges of the nail, but it does not necessarily hasten the healing process.

A few reminders

The infection will eventually go away. To ensure that the other nails will not be affected, you need to regularly trim them too.

Wash your toes thoroughly when taking a shower and do not forget the area in between the toes. After using the towel, you need to wash them right away to prevent fungal growth.

If things stay the same after applying a VapoRub or other antifungal products, you might have to see your doctor.

It is irritating having toenail infections as they are painful, but simple remedies like the use of a VapoRub could work.