Determining How to Cure Toenail Fungus with Bleach and Its Effectiveness

It is too painful when you experience toenail infection due to the growth of a fungus. You need to talk to your doctor to seek prescription if the problem persists for quite some time. If not, you can find other home remedies too.

Bleach is one of the most useful items at home that you can use if you want to treat the infection. You can use it on top of the other remedies available like apple cider vinegar. Bleach contains properties that help kill the fungus in your toenail and the surrounding skin. Once you apply the bleach on the affected area, you could expect to see changes within a few days or weeks depending on how serious the problem is.

A few warnings

Before you decide to use the bleach, you need to understand that it is quite a harsh substance that could irritate the skin. If you want to how to cure toenail fungus with bleach, you need to start by diluting it in water.

Make sure that you wear gloves and eye protection when using bleach to cure the toenail infection. You might start tearing up if you move close to the bleach as you apply it on the infected area.

If you have allergic reactions to bleach in the past, you cannot use it as a remedy for toenail infection as it could lead to other unwanted effects.

Creating the solution

To create the bleach solution soak, you need one tablespoon of bleach combined with a gallon of water. You can change the proportion depending on the area that you need to treat.

You can soak your feet on the solution if it is ready. Let your feet stay there for up to 30 minutes before taking them out.

Wipe your feet dry once you finish soaking. Do not wear socks and shoes unless the feet is completely dry to avoid potential infections.

You can create a paste too

If you are not comfortable with the solution soak, you can create a bleach paste. Apply petroleum jelly on the affected area before adding up to two drops of bleach.

It is best to use the past after you take a shower. Rinse off the paste after 15 minutes. You can keep applying the paste each night before you sleep until you see the changes.

Consult your doctor

After a few days, you might start seeing improvements. You will know that the infection is over after the removal of the infected nail.

You will then start seeing the growth of new and healthy nails. You can keep trimming the infected nail until it thickens and crumble.

If the problem still persists despite all the medicines and home remedies used, you need to head back to your doctor for advice. There might be other health issues that you need to deal with apart from toenail infection.

It takes time for you to recover and you will bear the pain along the way. You need to be patient and be consistent in using your preferred medication.